Truly Modular

Compax units are truly modular. They can be installed 1 inch apart from each other.

Front Serviceable

The modular concept is not lost when it comes to servicing. Unlike some other manufacturers, the Compax bank of units is not affected whatsoever if one unit requires servicing. They are 100% serviceable from the front.

They may be serviced in place or, they can be pulled out without interruption in service to the other units.

Front serviceable
Compax 3. Front view
Compax 3. Removable side panel

Pre-Piped Package Assembly

Compax units can be pre-piped at the factory and shipped pre-assembled.

Up to 8 modules (Sizes 045, 060, 075, 085, 110, 135, 150, 175).
Up to 5 modules (Sizes 210, 230, 260, 300, 350, 400, 450)

Range of Operation

Heating fluid to 140˚F (60˚C)
Chilled fluid to 40˚F (4.4˚C)
Geothermal – source fluid from 30˚F to 70˚F (-1.1˚C to 21.1˚C)

What Components Are Different From The Others?

Unlike most manufacturers, Compax does not utilize brazed plates or coaxial heat exchangers.
Instead, we only use “tube in shell” heat exchangers. These are not only very efficient, but the smooth tubes result in clog-free operation.